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CITIZEN KANE Cinematography Post-production Journal

on January 22, 2016


As a cinematographer, I wasn’t very involved in the post-production process.  We had to re-shoot a scene that was lost, but this wasn’t difficult because I knew how up the locations.  My main job week was consulting with the editor to make sure things were going smoothly.

Evidence of Further Contribution


This is a photo of Zach and I discussing what we need to re-shoot.  I advised him to use his pen in some way to look more intellectual.  I didn’t do much work with our editor besides re-do the scenes he said we had missed.

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 9.20.58 AM

This is a photo of the scene we re-shot.

How I Could Have Improved the Film

I could have used the zoom more effectively throughout this project.  Sometimes I forgot the camera had zoom, so I positioned at the distance I needed instead of changing the zoom.  This would have made the production process easier for me, and might have helped the sound quality.  One cinematography change I could have made was to do more tracking shots outside.  I would have liked to do more tracking shots, but they it was too difficult to keep the camera steady while walking backwards.

What I Learned

I learned that consulting with the editor in post-production was very important to preserve my artistic vision.  I imagined a feeling and rhythm for the film, and to keep that in tact I had to make sure the editor and I were on the same page.

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